use without any install

rpmerizor software is based on 1 perl script : rpmerizor. to use it :
  1. download the rpmerizor file and it's signature : rpmerizor.sig
  2. check inetgrity with : gpg --verify rpmerizor.sig rpmerizor
  3. make it executable : chmod +x rpmerizor
  4. read the doc : rpmerizor -man

rpm package

As this software work on rpm packages, it is naturally provided as an rpm package, independent from operating system (noarch type).
It can be installed by the rpm -Uvh rpmerizor*.noarch.rpm command

tar.gz package

It is also provided as a tar.gz.
you can check integrity with the following command :
gpg --verify rpmerizor-*.tar.gz.sig rpmerizor-*.tar.gz
The rpm package can be built from tar.gz by the rpmbuild -tb rpmerizor*.tar.gz command.
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